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Contractors are our highly valued partners. We realize the construction industry is a extremely competitive business. With this understanding, we are committed to provide for our contractors:

  • A safe workforce with all the necessary safety certifications.
  • A drug free work force.
  • An adequate supply of skilled workers to man their projects.
  • The ability to expand and diminish workforce as needed.
  • Experienced and qualified supervision.
  • Recruit ironworkers who are safe and capable craft workers.
  • Recruit the most qualified candidates for apprenticeship training.
  • State accredited training centers with cutting edge facilities.
  • Up-grade training to ensure our Journeyman’s knowledge and skill is current with the industries requirements.
  • Relief from the responsibility of administering health care and retirement benefits.
  • Assistance through I.M.P.A.C.T. to promote and grow their businesses.
  • A simple means of tracking and verifying certifications and training.
  • An ample supply of certified AWS welders.
  • With tradesman who have agreed to uphold the Ironworkers Standard of Excellence.

The Standards of Excellence are one of the most significant programs recently initiated at the Ironworkers International Union. The program arose from conversations regarding the attitudes of some Ironworkers and their conduct on the job which shows a basic lack of respect for company tools and starting and/or quitting times among other similar problems. The International Association recognized an opportunity to try and address these issues internally by developing and implementing the Ironworkers' Standards of Excellence. 

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  • Skilled Ironworkers Can Save Contractors Millions.